LCPF Press Release

Planning is underway for the 29th Annual Lyon County Pheasants Forever (LCPF) Spring Banquet to be held on March 10, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. in the newly-remodeled Ramada Inn of Marshall, Minn. LCPF officers and banquet committee members are reaching out to the general membership and to others who are interested in assisting in this great event which raises a majority of the chapter’s funds each year.

“We’re really hoping to get a lot of member and volunteer involvement this year,” said Bill Henry, LCPF Vice President and Banquet Chairman.

The planning process is broken into three parts. First, members are looking to secure donations from local and regional businesses to be used as prizes in the multiple raffles and games which take place at the March event. Donations can be monetary, gift certificates or merchandise and other items, or businesses and individuals can choose to underwrite any number of prizes in this year’s banquet package by donating a fixed dollar amount which LCPF can apply to those items. Underwriters will receive special recognition in the banquet program.

Second, the LCPF Banquet committee is calling on all previous sponsors to step up and sponsor the banquet once again, and is encouraging those people or businesses that have not sponsored the event before to become a first-time sponsor. All sponsors will be entered into a sponsors-only drawing for three guns during the banquet, will receive complementary tickets to the banquet and will get special recognition in this year’s banquet program.

The Banquet raises funds and honors members for their efforts.Finally, the chapter is looking for members, friends of members, and other volunteers to assist with the banquet activities on the night of March 10, 2012. Approximately 50 people are needed to assist with the raffles, games, auctions, refreshments, booths, ticket-taking and registration throughout the night. Each volunteer will receive a complementary meal for helping out with the event.

“The banquet is where the rubber hits the road for our habitat, youth and wildlife projects,” said LCPF President, Nick Simonson, “without the support of our great members and volunteers, this annual event wouldn’t be as wildly successful as it has been, and we’re looking to continue that this year” he continued.

For those interested in helping plan the banquet, the chapter will be meeting every two weeks right up until the banquet date in order to organize efforts for the fundraiser. The first meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 18, with follow-up meetings occurring every two weeks thereafter – Feb. 1, Feb. 15, Feb. 29, and again on Mar. 7. These meetings will take place at the Marshall Senior Center, and all interested members or volunteers are welcome to attend to assist in the fundraising event.

But the banquet isn’t just about raising funds. Each year, the chapter honors its members who have put forth efforts above and beyond the call of conservation for their hard work and assistance in making the multiple events and projects successful in the previous year. It is a time of recognition and honor for those who work tirelessly for wildlife in our area. Between the prizes and the awards, the banquet is a showcase of what the chapter’s efforts bring to the community.

More information on the banquet can be found in the coming weeks on the chapter’s website. Tickets for the event will go on sale by the end of January, and members are encouraged to get theirs (and those for friends and others) early by contacting Bill Henry at (507)401-6371, Ron Prorok, LCPF Treasurer at (507)-401-6227 or Nick Simonson at (507)829-9553.

These LCPF officers can also be contacted by members or volunteers interested in helping out with the banquet, or for information on donations or sponsorships.

Additionally, tickets for the 20-prize Guns & Cash Raffle are in short supply, and are anticipated to be sold out prior to the banquet, so anyone in need of one leading up to the big drawing at the end of the event on March 10, 2012 should contact an LCPF member, or one of the officers listed above. Stay tuned to the chapter website for updates on the banquet, or visit the LCPF Facebook Page.

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