By Johnny Doublehaul

The SHWAPF is fly that can be tied up any way you want, with any materials you want. But to keep it in the vein of our pheasant-feature flies, we’re going to start with pheasant tail feather fibers and you can go anywhere you want from here – deer hair, krystal flash, different body materials, and more. Standing for “Swept Hackle Wing All Purpose Fly” the SHWAPF is a great basic imitator of a lot of different things and can be modified to match the hatch in your area, at least on some elemental level of size and color.

Hook: Any Size 10-18
Thread: 6/0
Body: Dubbing
Wingcase: PT Fibers
Wing: PT Fibers

Click Here for Step-by-Step Tutorial

Start by tying in 8 to 10 pheasant tail feather fibers so that you have roughly two times the length of the hook shank hanging out over the back of the fly (1). Next create about a two-inch long yarn of dubbing on the thread (2). Create the body with the dubbing by applying it evenly over the hook shank (3). Fold the pheasant tail fibers over the dubbing body to create a wingcase, and secure them with a few thread wraps (4). You can then fold the fibers back over the wingcase to form the wing and secure them in position around the top half of the fly by applying a few thread wraps and forming a head (5).

It’s another great, basic fly that can be easily customized to your needs and can fill dual roles as a nymph or a dry, depending on the material you use. Tie a bunch up and see what you can come up with to put on your line and go get ‘em!

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